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Instructor Peter Rivera

Peter Rivera (founder)

"Because you deserve to train unafraid." - Instructor Rivera

Instructor Peter Rivera started martial arts as a teenager in Bronx, NY at "America's Finest Karate and Kickboxing Academy" under Shihan Jack Morales.

Maintaining a passion for the arts into adulthood, when moving upstate NY, Peter joined Pai's Tae Kwon Do in 2019 and trained under Master Pai. He joined on in late 2020 as an Assistant Instructor. In early 2021, Instructor Rivera took on the position as Program Director for the school. He earned his 1st Dan Black Belt in November, 2022. 

In 2024, he began attending Chong Hyo Century Tae Kwon Do. Under Master Park (7th Dan), Peter continues to train, obtaining rank.

Instructor Rivera has also attended events such as Free Training Day and All-in-Weekend under WhistleKick (the longest running Martial Arts Radio podcast). WhistleKick founder, Jeremy Lesniak, has offered the MATTaC Instructor Training course, which Peter has attended and received certification. He will be attending and continuing MATTaC training with Sensei Jeremy.

Identifying within the LGBTQ+ community, there was a goal to provide a safe space for those wishing to train in the Martial Arts. 

"I remember when looking for a school, I looked to see if there were other people like me. But it was always swept under the rug. Very 'hush hush' if you were gay, transgender, or anything within the LGBTQ+ community. Was I safe? Was I accepted? 

I witnessed issues and discussions about a transgender female and what group she would go into sparring, male or female. For me it was a no brainer, she is a female so goes with the females. Needless to say, I was disagreed with. 

That's when I decided when I run my own school, it will be openly catered to the LGBTQ+ community. Because you deserve to train unafraid. Knowing you are welcomed makes a huge difference. It shouldn't be swept under the rug. We are people, and we are Martial Artist." 

Instructor Rivera founded Official Pride Martial Arts in 2023 to provide an open safe training space for the LGBTQ+ community and Allies, to train along side each other and benefit from the program.

MATTaC Level 1

Instructor Rivera has obtained the Level 1 completion of the MATTaC training. He is scheduled for Level 2 in 2024.

P.I.T Level 1

Instructor Rivera has obtained the Level 1 completion of the Pai's Instructor Training (P.I.T) by passing the examination.

P.I.T Level 2

Instructor Rivera has obtained the Level 2 completion of the Pai's Instructor Training (P.I.T) by passing the examination.